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Well,  there have been some major changes in our family life recently and blogging has taken a back seat.. My husband is going to be changing jobs and this could result in a move for us…  but,  I know that some of you are just holding your breath waiting on my updates.. hear they are:


#stick with it saturday

I’ve been walking watching my calories and have been attempting to use #myfitnesspal  … I need more friends on there, to hold me accountable…

#one word : FOCUS

CHECK! i have kept my focus on what is important .. JESUS and my family

#3in30 :  June

Getting back on track for June with new goals:

1.  become facebook free!

2.  eliminate soda from my diet

3.  read a chapter a day in my Bible  (in addition to my regular Bible Study)

* speaking of study, I am finishing up BRAVE by Angela Thomas, and getting ready to start Esther by Beth Moore…   i’d love to hear from you if you have done either of these!

Emeals:  I am still loving it.. a recent favorite recipe was a Beefy Cabbage Skillet.. kindof like a cabbage roll… unrolled.. YUM.

Here’s a new helpful hints page from emeals.. some quick and healthy snacks for summer!!





Emeals… the tasting continues…

Posted: March 25, 2013 in emeals

I have loved my emeals subscription, HOWEVER, several meals plans include meals that are too spicy or too pricey for me.   I really wish that ALL menu plans included a grocery price list.  That said,  I love looking at the menus each week and deciding what i am going to fix and what I am not.   I will continue to switch my meal plans and determine which one BEST suits my family.    I will say that spice and cost aside, my family has not complained about anything I have fixed from the menu plans.   That makes it a winner for me!!


If you read my ‘stick with it saturday’ post, you know I dusted off my weight watchers information. Well, I came across EMEALS via and decided to give it a try. They have several great menu plans to try. I’ll be blogging about the menu with a focus on cost, nutritional value, family approval, and time savings.

Want to know more: use code newyear to receive 15% off your order!

On their site I found some great information to help with my weight loss goal.



LOVE THIS FREE PRINTABLE… Looks so simple and colorful.