Living Life…. instead of blogging..

Posted: June 4, 2013 in 3in30, emeals, Goals, health and fitness, printables, stick with it saturday

Well,  there have been some major changes in our family life recently and blogging has taken a back seat.. My husband is going to be changing jobs and this could result in a move for us…  but,  I know that some of you are just holding your breath waiting on my updates.. hear they are:


#stick with it saturday

I’ve been walking watching my calories and have been attempting to use #myfitnesspal  … I need more friends on there, to hold me accountable…

#one word : FOCUS

CHECK! i have kept my focus on what is important .. JESUS and my family

#3in30 :  June

Getting back on track for June with new goals:

1.  become facebook free!

2.  eliminate soda from my diet

3.  read a chapter a day in my Bible  (in addition to my regular Bible Study)

* speaking of study, I am finishing up BRAVE by Angela Thomas, and getting ready to start Esther by Beth Moore…   i’d love to hear from you if you have done either of these!

Emeals:  I am still loving it.. a recent favorite recipe was a Beefy Cabbage Skillet.. kindof like a cabbage roll… unrolled.. YUM.

Here’s a new helpful hints page from emeals.. some quick and healthy snacks for summer!!





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