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So, this week i get an Iphone.. Loving it.. Then, I get an email… Iphone App for EMEALS?   Immediately signed up.

I have signed up for apps that might seem similar before, when i had my android phone.  I never ended up using them.  This is the best app I have seen for menu planning and grocery shopping!!   You can access the current and past emeal menu’s.  You can access your shopping list & it has prices.  If you skip a meal on the weekly plan, it deletes the items from your shopping list.   You can add to your shopping list.  As you shop, you can check off what you have purchased.    How easy does this make things?  You have the plan, the recipes and the shopping list right on your phone!  I will love not having to waste so much paper with grocery planning.

Thanks emeals for continuing to help me get supper on the table!


Need more information?  has all the answers..