Emeals… the tasting continues…

Posted: March 25, 2013 in emeals

I have loved my emeals subscription, HOWEVER, several meals plans include meals that are too spicy or too pricey for me.   I really wish that ALL menu plans included a grocery price list.  That said,  I love looking at the menus each week and deciding what i am going to fix and what I am not.   I will continue to switch my meal plans and determine which one BEST suits my family.    I will say that spice and cost aside, my family has not complained about anything I have fixed from the menu plans.   That makes it a winner for me!!


  1. Would love to see what plan you decide to stay on ! I frequently make substitutions on the low carb plan. For example, any recipe that calls for flank steak will always get some other “form” of steak since that’s generally 9 bucks a pound where I live. Go figure, there are lots of cows close by ! I am especially careful when I send the better half to the grocery to put comments on the list like, “If more than $3 per pound substitute with _____”. Unlike the plans you have been trying, the low carb tends to actually lack flavor and spices and I find that I do a fair amount of “tweaking”. If you want to see pics and reviews of the low carb plan take a look here…. https://locarbjabberwockey.wordpress.com/category/emeals-reviews/

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