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If you read my ‘stick with it saturday’ post, you know I dusted off my weight watchers information. Well, I came across EMEALS via and decided to give it a try. They have several great menu plans to try. I’ll be blogging about the menu with a focus on cost, nutritional value, family approval, and time savings.

Want to know more: use code newyear to receive 15% off your order!

On their site I found some great information to help with my weight loss goal.



LOVE THIS FREE PRINTABLE… Looks so simple and colorful.


#OneWord 2013

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OneWord2013_Honor150My word for 2013 is HONOR.  A friend reintroduced me to this word just before Christmas.  I started talking to my kids about showing honor to each other and realized that there aare so many ways to implement honor in our lives.   I am praying that focusing on honor will greatly affect my family.

HONOR – God… in all i do
HONOR – My Marriage…  by putting it first and respecting what marriage stands for…by putting effort into it
HONOR – My husband… by showing respect and appreciation for him….by lifting him up and not rltearing him down.
HONOR – My kids… by being present with them…by modeling honor, love, and grace
HONOR – acknowledging tue person God created and accepting myself as worthy of his love.

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Seems like everyone makes a health/fitness “resolution”.   I’m linkinking up with Sam’s Noggin to help me reach my goal.   Hopefully, the accountability helps.   I ran walked my first 5K in November 2013.  THE COLOR RUN was a blast.  I am so thankful that my 6yr old did this with me.  Otherwise, i might have backed out.  We had a great time and plan to do it again this year.  My goal is to participate in two 5Ks, running one. 

What am i doing to get ready?   Baby Steps!   Step one:  Dust off the Weight Watchers info.